RCCG Fast – Day 1 Prayer Points

The redeemed Christian church of God annual fast starts today January 11th up until February 19th 2017. It is for 40 days. 

I will be taking advantage of this season. I want to learn to trust and surrender to God 100% percent this year and there’s no better time to choose to go on this journey than now. 

Everyday I’ll be sharing the prayer points really early so for those of us who want to pray before we start our day, we can have that. 

I know that the Lord will grant us all that our heart desires according to His will. 

The prayer points are listed below. Have a great day today. 

[Photo: festivaloflife.se]

DAY 1 
1. Intense praise and worship

2. Thank God for being God. Gen 17:1

3. Thank God for Daddy and Mummy G.O and for what God is doing through them. Ps. 124

4. Thank God for creating this beautiful world. Gen 1:1-31

5. Thank God for being our help in ages past. 121:1-8

6. Thank God for this year 2017 and for all the promises of God that are in it

7. Thank God for making 2017 a year of surprise

8. Let us thank for not allowing civil war to tear apart our country

9. Let us thank God for not allowing hunger and famine in our country.

10. Let us bless the name of Jehovah God for his protection last year. Ps 124:1-end

11. Let us thank God for the manifestation of Signs and Wonders since the establishment of RCCG

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