108 days left till 2017

Hi Everyone! 

It’s been awhile. I apologise for not keeping up with you regularly. 

I found out this morning that we have 108 days left till the end of the year. 

I have a couple of questions I asked myself that I’d like you to answer honestly. 

Did you make any new year resolution? If yes, what have you ticked off that list? If you’re working or you own a business what have you achieved this year? 

I know things haven’t been so great in the country but this is the more reason why we shouldn’t give up on being creative and innovative.

If you’re a student, with school work, have you been improving? 

Now is not the time to fail (not that there ever will be a time to) but how much more work are you putting into studying and researching? During your break from school, what do you do with your free time? 

You can manage your time effectively and begin to develop skills and find new interests so you can start up something even before you graduate. 

With our relationships, which new ones are we cultivating? Which old ones are we letting go of? How much time are we putting in and what value are we getting back? 

For me, I have decided to manage my time well since I have more responsibilities now. 

Cut off things and people that don’t add any value since no value added equals time wasted (this is my perspective).

This way I’ll be able to achieve my goals, one of which is to make daily posts as I used to earlier in the year. 

Begining from today, make the rest of your year count! 
Photo: Today’s Lift

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