Why do we need Anointing?


I must remain a winner. The world is full of ex-champions. It is a terrible thing to be an ex-champion.

Why do we need Anointing?

1. For boldness. So that I will be able to defend myself if the enemy should attack. Judges 14:5-6.
2. So that I can become aggressive. It has been said that attack is the best form of defense. 1 Sam 17:34-37. I need Anointing to protect those who are precious to me from the attacks of the enemy. If I allow the devil he will destroy my loved ones.
3. I need anointing for dominion. To become as it were a one man army. Judges 15:14-15.
4. I need anointing in order to become a terror to my enemies. Judges 16:1-3. The philistines were afraid of Samson.
5. I need anointing to have the power to arrest my arresters. 2 kings 6:8-20. A king sent an army to capture one man. Elisha had no weapon except the anointing.
6. I need the anointing to witness. God did not take me away the day I became born again so I can witness to others, that my life will not only be blessed but I will be a blessing to others. Acts 1:8.

How do I get the anointing?
Hebrews 1:9, “love righteousness, hate iniquity, then God, my God will anoint me with the oil of gladness above my fellows”.

It is good to be number one. There is something very special when you are number one. In whatever area of life God has placed me, I will be number one. The advantages of being number one are very numerous. When you are number one, your blessings are reserved, nobody struggles with you. The Almighty is about to anoint me to become number one.

If you want to become first among equals, there are two things you must do according to Hebrews 1:9.
1. Love what God loves.
2. Hate what God hates.
You cannot be neutral. When you see evil you must go against it. When you see sin, you must go against it. God loves souls.

Decide for yourself. Ask for the grace to love what he loves and hate what he hates.


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