20 Things to do Before I’m 30


 There are three important aspects of life;

  • Faith.
  • Love (your relationship with God and with people) and
  • Finance (what kind of financial future do you want to have?). Plan towards that.

Discovery enlists you for life. See you how you can contribute to life in a definite way. This leads to a list of things to do. There could be more but lets focus on the following;

  1. Discover yourself. Become an asset in who you are. Discover how you cannot be ignored. Discovery gives you authority. when you succeed, they forget what you studied. Discover your gifting. Let your thinking be proportional to the kind of information you let in. There’s a gold mine, a treasure chest inside of you. Depend on revelation to know who you are and not people. “The gift of a man makes room for him” – Proverbs 18:16. 
  2. Learn how to use your gifting to solve problems. Understand your treasure, ascertain the value of it, see if you can engage it for a lifetime. Assess it. Your purpose has the capacity to engage you for a lifetime. For men of purpose there is always something to do. Learn how to position your gifts for rewards. Continue to improve on your problem solving ability.
  3. Learn how to make money. Catch some ideas on how to make money. Make money from other people’s ignorance. Look for how to make people depend on you. Check what ignorance your gifting is supposed to fix.
  4. Know the definition of love. Love is a choice. A choice to give. A responsibility. Love does not try to manipulate. Love does not steal, it is patient. Controlling your emotions is a choice. Let your partner prove his or her love as you begin to know each other. Just as you can be turned on, you can also be turned off. Let your partner deserve you.
  5. Read a minimum of 30 books and own a minimum of 30 books. Build a library. To look beautiful without having wisdom is a liability. Give value to your beauty. Your mental environment is key. Marry a right minded man or woman. A right thinking person.
  6. Have a pastor you talk to about life. The developmental part of your life comes under pastoral coverage.
  7. You should be known for something. Ask yourself what you want to be known for.
  8. Have a mentor over your life. A mentor who speaks into your life. Who moulds you into shape. Don’t be emotional about choosing a mentor. You need to be disciplined to be mentored. Mentorship has great difference in creating the life of a person. Choose people who are consistent in their character. Celebrate them openly. Learn from them and apply what you learn to your life.
  9. Learn how to say no. To uncomfortable situations. To what you don’t want. To pleasing people at your own expense.
  10. Conquer procrastination. Time strikes the hour for the brave and for the true. Procrastination is a lazy mans apology. “Those too lazy to plow in the right season will have no food at the harvest.” – ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭20:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬.
  11. Be free to use my mind. Be free from mental influence, live for who I want to be.
  12. Have a bank account. Designate my bank accounts differently.
  13. Have an investment. Buy shares from a good company that produces products daily. This is an option.
  14. Develop stability of character. Be taken for who you really say you are. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Learn how to control your tongue. The state of your heart is important.
  15. Choose your friends.
  16. Learn professional dinning etiquette.
  17. Define your vision. Who you are, who you want to be in one sentence.
  18. Learn how to drive a car.
  19. Have the financial ability to feed somebody else. 
  20. Be born again. Know how to love God. There is something more about life. Life is bigger than making money. God will give you everything else as an addition if you see His kingdom first. Be drunk in love with God.

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