Single: What should my priority be ? 

Much earlier tonight, I was a bit confused about how to ask for permission at work on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s to go to church for choir practice. I just started going to a different church and I wanted to join the choir but I kept postponing because I wasn’t going to be able to meet up with the time for rehearsals. I decided to call my mentor and role model, who happens to be my dad. 

Just before continuing this story,  “Single” in the headline of this post means unmarried. 

My dad made me understand that right now as a single lady, I have three priorities. I believe this also applies to the single gentle men. 

1. My relationship with God in my heart.

 This has to be pure and honest. Not religious. Everything I do here is basically for my growth. I’m doing this because I want to and not because someone is watching me or  so everyone can know I’m “spiritual“. I read my bible because I want to learn about God and not because my pastor says to.

2. My career. 

The work of my hands. My profession. If I am to be at work from 7am to close at 7pm then I should be committed to that in exception of the days I close early enough or I’m less busy, then I can take permission to go to my service to God. (For me this would be choir practice)

3. My Service to God. 

The service unit or group I join at church. 

As we rounded up our discussion, i told him about how throughout today, the Holy Spirit was teaching me about Work. How not to cheat or steal from my employer in the area of time, eye service, resources and a whole lot more. I had several pointers He taught me through. From the dream I had as I was asleep, to my devotional, then my thoughts and finally the message I had just finished listening to before I called my dad. 

My dad reminded me about this verse;

“Give us today the food we need,” Matthew‬ ‭6:11‬ ‭NLT‬‬. 

The Message Bible translates this verse to “keep us alive with three square meals” 

The King James Version translates this same verse to “Give us this day our daily bread.” ‭‭

As I got off the phone I re-read this verse over and again. I understood that God teaches us daily, he feeds us in the morning, afternoon and evening and this is what keeps us alive. Now, the unbeliever might see this to mean Food (a nutritious substance that we eat) but Food  here means something priceless. I couldn’t stop thinking about changing my attitude to work and becoming a Christian employee who works conscientiously because I know by doing my secular work to please God, not only will my organization pay me but God will also reward me. 

Remember Proverbs 22:29 ?

Some of you reading this are witnesses that indeed God gives us our “daily bread“. By His grace, I’m so eager to learn what the Holy Spirit will be teaching me tomorrow. 

How is your relationship with God in your heart ? Do you feel lost about knowing where you’re headed in life ? Are you giving any service to God ?

These are your priorities as a single lady or gentle man. 

Before you sleep tonight, pray with me;

Dear Lord, I thank you for today and for how my day went. I thank you for saving my soul, I repent of all my sins. I desire to have a relationship with you in my heart that is pure and honest. Help me to be better at work and to be committed in service to you so that I get my priorities right. Thank you for answered prayers. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Have a good night rest and sleep well. 

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  1. Really blessed by this. Getting priorities straight is usually an issue for most, especially myself. God bless you.

  2. Beautiful post Biola. I was touched. Especially by your version of the proverbs 22.29 quote, which also happens to be a verse our late principal constantly reitierated.
    God bless you and your walk with Him

  3. Wonderful dear. Priorities are quite important for a successful relationship with God and man

  4. Hello, been off blogging for a long while and finally came back. I saw one of your comments and decided to go through your blog… Awesome👌 Keep it going, we will all get there. God bless you.

  5. BimJ! wow! thanks for that

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