Living Beyond Your Feelings

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Feelings Feelings

Hey Guys!

I’m really excited about this book i am currently reading written by Joyce Meyer. It is on Living Beyond your Feelings.

These are key things i learnt from the introduction and chapter 1 ‘I want to do what is right, but I do what is wrong!’.

Okay, so we will be learning on controlling emotions so they don’t control you.

‘Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which one to surf’. – Jonatan Martensson

Our feelings are ever changing usually without notification. We talk about how we feel more than practically anything else. We should keep quiet about negative feelings and talk about positive ones. Talking about how you feel increases the intensity of those feelings.

Decision and Confession

I am going to talk about my positive feelings so they will increase, and keep quiet about my…

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