Turning 25 and I’m scared 😱😭

How’s your weekend going? Quiet? Fun? Busy?

It hit me this morning that I’m turning 25 in January. My God! I started worrying. This was my thought process;

Ewoooo! Abiola, what have you achieved?

Just look at you, you’re still single. Chai! 

Stuck on the same salary for almost four years. Wow.

No car, no house or land of your own, Ahnahn! You’re there forming fine girl! Issokay!

You’re not even financially stable! Always touching your savings every time! Weh done ma!

Instead of feel depressed, I decided to get dressed and go to work. As I walked down my street to find a bike to get me to the office, I started thinking about what I had achieved this year. 

I registered my video production company and I’ve had four clients so far. Was a bit relieved as this is a major income stream for me. 

I’ve greatly improved in my video editing skill because I have been consistent all year and very open to learning. 

When I realized it was just these two major things I broke down again and started feeling sad. 

I’m back home now, about to do some work for a client but I just feel like I should be doing more and I guess since I still have a little over two months before I turn 25, I should keep pushing. 

If you read this and you’re over 25 please tell me, did you go through this phase? What can I do to feel better? What would you advice me to do? 

Please leave your comments below.

Thank you ❤️

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  1. As long as you’re in line with Gods plan for your life, you have nothing to worry about ..

  2. Wow. This right here was how I felt just about a month ago, I’ll be 25 in a couple of days. It was a little depressing to be honest but I found encouragement in the Word of God, the race being not to the swift and riches being not to men of understanding or favor to men of skills. (Eccl. 9:11) I got to understand that to Every man, success is not relative and should not be compared. as God has a unique plan laid out for each individual and what matters is how well it is achieved at the end not how far you are able to take the first leap. Plus im not where I was a few years back neithe ram I where I was last year and my business, though not their yet is growing. I just learnt to count the blessings and I realized there was no need to fret.

  3. Hi Bim, I wouldn’t be 25 till next year July but I had this worry and panic a couple of weeks back…. here’s the thing, I have learnt that things that would last usually take a long time to come to fruition so the key is consistency , at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I ll say this “we may not be where we want to be but thank God we aren’t where we used to be” plus I think it’s a usually feeling , just don’t like it have the best of you. ☺️☺️. Eyedee

  4. I’m glad I know you and that’s why I can write I’m proud of the woman you have become.
    You’re strong, independent, a happy child, very disciplined, organized and a God lover.
    I met someone about a year ago who said you were her role model and spoke to a friend a few months ago who loved watching your snaps because you are so real… >_>
    You’re almost 25 and have inspired a bunch of people you do not know (i’m sure you know a few).
    I’m a cartoonist and art director in progress and I get inspired by your hard work (video editing).
    I still believe you’re going to be a kick ass media personality ^_^
    You’re blessed and favored, amongst the living -so you know God still needs you on this earth, His plans for you will give you a future and a hope so keep smiling, laughing, being beautiful, inspiring people and working on yourself daily ❤

    Embrace The Mess ^_^ ^
    Watch this: https://www.facebook.com/goalcast/videos/1539615932782258/

  5. Uchediuba freeda October 22, 2017 — 1:40 PM

    My dear,you dont have to be,because you have achieve what others could to achieve in the next ten years to com.Keep it up dear,i admire your effort.

  6. Akwanamnye Isioma October 22, 2017 — 2:33 PM

    Honey, what you feeling is so normal. But always rmba there’s a Big Guy up there who’s got your back. So sit down, relax and watch his plan unfold. He’s a big God, so he always has big plans for his children. He makes all things beautiful in his time

  7. I’m turning 25 in February and I can relate. I get really bothered especially when I remember I’ve not made major progress career-wise. But I know I have plans and I know God is backing me, so I’ve learnt to take life one day at a time. Besides, age is nothing but a number.😊

  8. I am not 25, not there anytime soon but I can relate to this because as humans, we get worried at some point in our lives. I listened to a message about anxiety and what I got from it was that “worry doesn’t solve anything at the end of the the day, it only gives bad energy and negative vibes when all we need is positivity. Truly, when we commit all we do into the hands of the lord, including hard work, there is no way we will not get to where He wants us to be. If you can, listen to “Elevation church podcast “Why am I anxious”

  9. Biola, good to know that you are thinking this way already. Please I advise, do not despair that you ain’t there yet. However I like the part that you are not giving up on your dream. Ensurenyou pursue until you overtake and keep going on strong. Set target and see it through to formation. God is your strength. Love you loads.

  10. The fact that you know you have work to do is a positive start.It’s a good thing you know what you want to do. My advice since you make videos is to be happy. It’s a normal feeling for an ambitious person and also reach out to younger peeps and advice them why they need to start early.

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