Dear Singles, before you get married, you should know this


I got this message on whatsapp from my dad and thought to share. Enjoy your read!

Marriage is for a lifetime and you can only experience bliss if you take time to prepare spiritually, physically, mentally and otherwise.

Marriage will not make you happier. Be happy before marriage. Marriage has no power in itself beyond the couple involved. Marriage will not change you. Change starts inwardly. Marriage will not improve your attitudes, it will expose them. Marriage does not eliminate your weaknesses, it will amplify them so start working on your attitudes and weaknesses before marriage.

Marriage will not cure loneliness. There are several married people who have their spouses with them by the second, but are extremely lonely. Loneliness is more of a state of mind than availability of people around you. The loneliest people in the world are sometimes the ones with large number of fans and crowd around them. Only God’s word can cure the root cause of loneliness.

Marriage will not take pressures away, It will probably bring more. You have one more life to manage. If you cannot manage yours and you venture into marriage, It will be a disaster. When the children start coming, there will be more pressures. Learn to take pressures head on by casting your care on God and refusing to worry like the scripture advises.

Marriage is not all about sex. Ask someone who is married. Yes, Sex is a marital glue, a healing balm in the soul for couples, and a blessing that keeps couples together. But it is not like you think, sex In the morning, afternoon and evening, or every time it is raining. Average couples actually make love twice or thrice in a week.

However, the more frequent it is for married couples, the better for them.

Your spouse will not be a magician neither is he the Holy Spirit. He will be a human being with his own Issues. You will always need God. He might be very anointed on the pulpit and filled with God’s glory while she is ministering in the Choir, but at home he or she is a human being with all the weaknesses Complete. Learn to separate the office or position of your spouse from his or her person at home.

Marriage is not all about kisses, flowers, cinemas, cakes, chocolates and vacations alone. It is about cooking, changing diapers, cries of the baby, work, paying school fees and so on. It is about budgets, plans and strategies. It is about submission to your husband who you sometimes think is hard, insensitive and unloving. It is about loving your wife who you sometimes think is stubborn, does not want to be corrected and can nag from morning till the next day.



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